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N 109 November-December 2000.

        This issue is opening with the list of laureates of Soul of the Dance Prize established by Ballet magazine in 1994. Raisa Struchkova (Special Prize), Igor Moiseev (nomination Magician of the Dance), Boris Akimov (nomination Teacher), Bladimir Kirsanov and Stanislav Popov (nomination Knight of the Dance), Daria Pavlenko and Dmitry Gudanov (nomination Rising Star).
        Where do the future stars of Russian ballet start to flourish? The new issue of Ballet magazine offers its readers to take a tour to the sacred place of the Russian classical ballet traditions - the Moscow Bolshoi Ballet Academy. We have to create a diamond says Sophia Golovkina the Director of the Academy who has been at the head of this unique process for forty years. Raisa Struchkova the famous ballet teacher and dancer, first Editor-in-Chief of the Ballet magazine (Soviet Ballet until 1991) is one of those diamonds born sixty years ago. Her anniversary was recently celebrated. You can find a photo-report about this event. Many Kazakh ballet dancers also graduated from the Moscow Academy. You can learn more about these dancers in the section Kazakh masters of dance dedication to Galina Ulanova.
        In the 20th century Russian ballet had great influence on ballet schools of many countries of the world. Though a lot has already been said and written, lovers of ballet history will still be interested in articles: Russians Over the Ocean Today by Nina Alovert and At the Beginning of Cuban Ballet: Nikolai Javorsky by M.Rossiysky. These articles will enrich our notion with little known facts about the work of Russian dancers in other countries.
        It introduces to its readers the new leader of the Bolshoi Ballet Boris Akimov, gives details on premieres Sleeping beauty in Samara and Daughter of Oedipus in Krasnoyarsk. Writes about the tour of Russian Ballet Company in China, festivals in Hamburg, Cairo, Petrozavodsk, Krasnoiarsk and Mozyr. About Varna Ballet Competition and about first graduation of specialists in music and ballet from Moscow Conservatory. What Does One Hear During a Ballet Performance is review by Svetlana Naborshikova where she analyzes the level of musical culture of last premieres in theatres of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
        You will find a bright colored calendar on Year of 2001 as the supplementary to the magazine.

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